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It’s no secret that nutrition plays a vital role in not only the health of breeding horses, but also in the growth and development of foals during, and after, gestation.  Never before have we had the knowledge and experience in breeding nutrition and health that we do now.  However, with so many studies out there, it can be very confusing knowing what to feed and what to supplement.

With new supplements touting new benefits being launched each year, it can be quite a bit of information overload.  You don’t want to miss out on boosting your mare or stallion’s reproductive health or ignore an important building block in your foal’s development, but are all of these supplements really necessary?  Furthermore, do they actually do what they say?

What if there was a supplement out there that was completely comprehensive and proven to work?  Sound like a dream?  Meet the reality of Equine Omega Complete.  Equine Omega Complete is as close to a “wonder supplement” as you can find.  Just as the name implies, Equine Omega Complete is a unique blend of oils that is an optimized balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Long touted as being “good fats” with a wide array of benefits for people, these oils also have a plethora
of benefits for horses of all ages and
uses as well.

Why Omega-3 and Omega 6 Fatty Oils for Horses?

The better question is “why not?”  With so many performance and breeding horses stalled on a regular basis, their diets have moved away from the primarily grass-based nutrition of their pasture counterparts.  Sometimes, it’s the basics that hold a lot of keys to optimized nutrition, which they may be lacking.

Without going too far down the scientific path, these omega fatty acids are essential for reducing inflammation, supporting healthy joint function, proper cell development and function, increased blood and oxygen flow, a strong immune system, and so many other things.

Benefits in Breeding Horses

You don’t need to be a scientist or veterinarian to know that breeding animals have different nutritional needs than other horses.  Whether it is the mare or the stallion, omega fatty acids are crucial for a healthy reproductive system.

Starting at the beginning of the horse’s life cycle, all the way back to the stallion, an increase in omega fatty acids has been shown to boost sperm production.  In fact, supplementation with Equine Omega Complete prior to, and during, breeding season may help increase sperm production for stallions.  More production not only equals a higher conception rate but also more breedings.  Older stallions can typically show a decrease in sperm production, however when supplemented with Equine Omega Complete, they have shown dramatic increases in semen quality and quantity.  In today’s day and age of shipped and frozen semen, this is especially important in the effort to maintain the quality and potency of the sperm.  Samples from stallions who have been supplemented with Equine Omega Complete may show an increase in progressive motility.



Now, on the mare’s side, adequate omega fatty acid supplementation is just as important.  Adequate nutrition during gestation is just as important to the foal’s
growth and development as it is after it is born.  The placenta is responsible for passing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which are provided by Equine Omega Complete, to the developing foal’s central nervous system.

When it comes to lactating mares, Equine Omega Complete is also beneficial for boosting colostrum production and quality.  With these omega fatty acids, better colostrum production helps with the transfer of cloistral antibodies to give the newborn foal’s immune system the needed boost it needs to help keep the foal healthy and ward of infections and other nasties.
The Growing Foal

Healthy foals grow in leaps and bounds, and there is nothing better than watching the future of the industry at play out in the pasture.  However, for a foal to stay healthy and develop into the show horse they are destined to be takes a lot of work on the cellular level.  While it’s easy to be oblivious to the biology of a growing foal when things are going right, that can change in the blink of an eye and manifest in a variety of developmental issues, some of which are irreversible.

As everyone says, prevention is key.  It’s much easier to provide proper nutrition from the very beginning, than it is to try to fix a problem once it has started.  While the nursing foal gets many of their nutritional needs from the mare, that’s all the more reason for Equine Omega Complete to be a key ingredient in your well-rounded feeding plan.

Once a foal is weaned, it will rely on a diet of pasture grass, grains and dry hay.  Good quality pasture provides ample omega fatty acids, but what happens if there is a drought?  Low quality pasture?  A change of seasons?  Even good quality grain and dry hay is extremely lacking in these necessary fatty acids, and without you realizing it, your foal’s development could be stunted.

So, are omega fatty acids just fish oils?  What about soy oils?

While fish oils on the market can be a source of omega fatty acids, Equine Omega Complete has 50% more omega 3s and all three chains of Omega 3 as opposed to only the two that are available via fish oils.  Equine Omega Complete is high in unsaturated fats, Vitamin E, and other essential nutrients that help in the absorption of Omega 3.

There are plenty of other products on the market that tout the benefits of soy oils but Equine Omega complete goes above and beyond.  The patented formula varies from most others in that the soy oil is not chemically extracted, in addition to an optimized balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


“We can pull them out for customers and they look like we spent an hour brushing. EMO is the only supplement they get.” ~ BSB Quarter Horses – Home to CHOCOLATEY shown above

What the Pros Have to Say

“Equine Omega Complete is truly a game changing supplement. I started using EOC on Full Medal Jacket about four years ago. I was looking for an overall supplement I could give FMJ to give him an extra edge during our busy show season, so I chose Omega Complete.

Within weeks, I noticed a marked difference in not only his weight management but his way of going. He was in a consistent program and being on the road can be tough on them, but he came out of his stall every day fresh-legged and feeling good! After he was done showing and moved to the breeding barn, I kept him on EOC and still continued to see improvements and benefits from it. His first breeding season was a busy one for a new stallion, and this product not only kept his weight up but helped tremendously in keeping his joints sound from the wear and tear breeding puts on them.

Not only that, but I feel confident it is promoting a healthy reproductive system with his strong motility numbers and his high first try conception rate. It is imperative FMJ stays healthy year round, but especially during his busy breeding season and with EOC not only does he stay of good weight, he joints stay sound, his hair coat stays shiny and everything in between that benefits as well! You will not find a more overall comprehensive supplement for you Equine. It truly does what it says it does! We are customers for life!”

Robin Baker, Full Medal Jacket

“Traditionally, we haven’t supplemented our stallions over the years, but Equine Omega Complete is the exception.  Since we began using it, we have seen a dramatic difference in our stallions’ overall condition and appearance, as well as breeding productivity.  It’s also highly palatable, and we’ve found even the pickiest eaters have no issues eating it.  We will continue to use it as part of the program.”

– Amy Gumz, Gumz Farms

“We have continued to be thrilled with EMO. Our stallions keep show hair…and they are not treated like show horses. Our boys get to be boys all summer. They are turned out for several hours every day, rain or shine. Other than clipping whiskers and bridle paths and rinsing off when sweating, nothing else is done for their hair. We can pull them out for customers and they look like we spent an hour brushing. EMO is the only supplement they get. We feel it helps everything from the inside out!”

– Shelley Donovan, Kim Rotenberry- BSB Quarter Horses

If you’re looking for a supplement that can benefit breeding horses during all stages of the breeding season, you definitely need to look into adding the comprehensive regimen
of omega acids that Equine Omega Complete provides.  Whether you have a breeding stallion, a mare
in foal, or a growing weanling, they can all benefit from a wide array of nutritional support that quality omega-3s and 6s can provide.  To learn more about Equine Omega Complete, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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