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DGS IndyGo

Show Record

Show Record for DGS INDYGO

NSBA: $203; LTE: $16,354, 2007 Just For Pleasure SSA 2 YO Open Hunter Under Saddle (HUS) Champion;

Sire of:

Foals: 28; Performers: 4; Point Earners: 2; Halter: 3.5, Performance: 4; DGS Indycogneato,H:2 P: 1.5;vDGS Indynews, H: 1.5; KY BDRS’ Incentive Payout: $77

    • Show Record: P: 69.5, NSBA LTE: $11,310; 1997: OH QHA 2 YO Open Futurity Hunter Under Saddle (HUS) Champion; 3rd Tom Powers Triple Challenge 2 YO Open HUS Futurity; Southern Belle 2 YO Open HUS Invitational Res Champion; 1998: AQHA World Champion Jr. HUS; AQHA Res World Champion Jr HUS; Congress Millers Open HUS Reserve Champion; Southern Belle 3 YO Open Hunter Under Saddle Champion; 1999: Congress HUS Reserve Champion; Tom Powers Triple Challenge HUS Non-Pro Maturity Res Champion; 3rd Whistle Stop Futurity HUS Open Maturity; 2000 Open Superior HUS; 2005 American Warmblood Registry Inspection Champion and Certified for Branding and Full Breeding License
    • Sire of: Foals: 502, Point Earners: 149; Halter: 106, Halter ROM: 2; Performance: 4,638, Perf. ROMS: 103, Superior Perf: 15; AQHA Reserve World Champions: 1, AQHA Champions: 1; AQHA IF: $53,924; NSBA: $49,088; LTE: $139,553; Money Earners: 88; Avg Earnings: $1,586


Sire: INDIAN ARTIFACTS 3690101 – 1995 – Bay Stallion

• A BOLD ARTIFACT (Q), H: 7.5, P: 224.5, 2011 Amateur Superior Hunter Under Saddle; 2012: Open Superior Hunter Under Saddle; 7th High Point Select Hunter Under Saddle plus numerous Regional Experience Nine Champion & Reserve Champion Awards; 14 x Qualifier for the AQHA World Show

• A BOLD ARTIFACT (P), LTE: $15, 229; APHA Open Performance: 417, Open Superior Hunter Under Saddle; Open HUS & Trail ROMS; APHA Amaterur Performance: 256, Amateur Superior HUS, AMT HUS ROM; APHA Youth Performance: 573; Superior HUS, HSE & Western Horsemanship; Youth HUS, HSE, HLT, WHO, SAH & TR ROMS; Novice/Amateur Performance: 5; Novice/Youth: 1; LTE: $15,229; 2008: APHA World Fall Lmt. Open HUS Sweepstakes & Open HUS Slot Champion; APHA World Fall Open HUS Sweepstakes Reserve Champion; New England PCH Fall NSBA J1 & Jw Open & Amateur HUS Champion; 2010 3rd APHA Honor Roll Sr. HUS; 4th APHA Honor Roll Open HUS; 2011 4th APHA Honor Roll Open HUS & Sr. Youth HUS; 2012 5th APHA World A/A Youth English Disp Rail

• ALL THAT REMAINS, H: 7, P: 65; 2013: East Coast Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle Champion; 4th AQHA Hi Point Amateur Pleasure Driving; 5th AQHA Hi Point Sr. Pleasure Driving; 10th AQHA Hi Point Open Pleasure Driving; 10th World Show Sr. Pleasure Driving; Top 10 Congress Open Pleasure Driving; Pleasure Driving Circuit Champions Tarheel Triple Classic Open Driving Champion; Stars & Stripes Circuit Sr & AMT Driving at the Big A; Reserve Circuit Champion Novice HUS Gold and the Gulf Coast shows.

• ARTIFACTUALLY A STAR, H: 19.5, P: 634; LTE: $4,521; 2006: Congress Nov/Youth Showmanship, All-Around & Hunt Seat Equitation Champion; Congress Nov/Youth Horsemanship Reserve Champion; 2007: Youth Superior Showmanship & Hunter Under Saddle; Youth Performance Champion; Youth AQHA Champion; 2008: AQHA Reserve World Champion Youth Hunter Under Saddle; Congress NSBA Lmt. Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle Reserve Champion; NSBA High Point Lmt. Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle Maturity; 2010: 3rd Congress Sr. Youth Hunt Seat Equitation; 5th Congress NYATT Showmanship; 8th Congress AQHA Sr. Youth Hunt Seat Equitation

• DGS INDYLACIOUS, P: 93.5; LTE: $16,354; 2010: 10th Congress 2 YO Open HUS Stakes; 7th Congress Limited Open 2 YO HUS Stakes; 7/8 Reichert Pleasure 2 YO Open HUS Stakes; 2011: 3rd NSBA World 2 YO Lmt. Open HUS; 8th Congress 3 YO Limited Open HUS Futurity; 3rd NSBA BDRS’ Champ.3 YO Lmt. Open HUS Futurity; MI QHA BDRS’ 3 YO Lmt. Open HUS Futurity Champion; AQHA Reserve Hi Point Select Hunter Under Saddle; 2012 Amateur Superior Hunter Under Saddle; MI QHA BDRS’ 4Y+ Open HUS Futurity Reserve Champion; Flag City AM Extra NSBA J1& J2 Select HUS Champion; Flag City AM Extra NSBA J2 Jr. HUS Champion

• DGS REPLICATED, P: 71.5; 2013: 3rd USDF All-Breed High Point Dressage; AQHA Hi Point Open Training Level Dressage, AQHA Hi Point Jr. Dressage Training Level; AQHA Superior Dressage

• FACTUAL ENCOUNTER, H: 2, P: 132.5, Nov/Youth: 42, NSBA:$2,666; 2013 Congress AQHA Youth 11-Under Hunter Under Saddle Champion; 2014 Youth Superior Hunter Under Saddle; 2015: Open Superior HUS

• HERES THE FACTS, P: 115.5, 2008 4th AQHA Hi Point Sr. Green Hunter Under Saddle; 2009 Open Superior Working Hunter

• IM BACK IN BLACK (ApHC), 3 X ApHC National Champion Hunter In Hand Mares; 2013 3rd ApHC World Show Sr. Hunter Saddle

• IN DEE EXTREME, P: 51.5, 2012 AQHA Hi Point Champion and USDF All-Breed High Point Champion Dressage – Training Level; AQHA Superior Dressage

• INYANNAFAX, LTE: $3, 682; 2003: Congress Open Hunt Seat Longe Line Champion; Turkey Circuit NSBA Non-Pro Yrling Longe Line Champion

• INDIAN ARTBEAT, P: 85, 2010 Open Superior Dressage; AQHA Hi Point and USDF All Breeds Hi Point -Top 5, Homozygous Black Gene

• Indian Harvest, 2008 USDF Hi Point All-Breed Dressage Champion, 2012 AQHA Reserve Hi Point Dressage

• INDYCISION, P: 191.5, Novice/Youth: 45.5; AQHA IF: $1,744.21; NSBA: $983.49; 2005: Youth Superior Hunter Under Saddle; 5th Hi Point Youth Hunter Under Saddle; 6th Hi Point Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, 2006 Open Superior Hunter Under Saddle; Congress Top 5

• JAKS ARTIFACTS, P: 50.5, LTE: $7,075; 2003: NSBA BDRS’ GOLD Res Champ 3 YO Open HUS; 3rd Reichert NSBA Pleasure 3 YO Open HUS; 2004: 4th AQHA World Show Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, Open Superior Hunter Under Saddle

• MS ARTIFACTUAL (ApHC), ApHC World Champion & Reserve World Champion

• Notable Artifacts, H: 1.5, P: 78.5, 2006 AQHA Reserve Hi Point Jr. Pleasure Driving

• PAINTED ARTIFACTS (PtHA), PtHA World Champion Hunter Under Saddle

• Relic Hunter, P: 26, LTE: $6,342; 2008 NSBA Reserve World Champion Open Yearling Longe Line; 2009: NSBA BDRS’ Reserve Champion 2 YO Lmt. Open HUS Futurity; Southern Belle NSBA 2 YO Lmt. Open HUS Futurity Champion; 3rd NSBA World Show 2 YO Lmt. Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle

• Shes All Indian, P: 51, Novice/AMT: 51, 2008 3rd World Show Jr. Pleasure Driving; 2010: Congress Novice Amateur Pleasure Driving Champion (Unanimous), Congress Amateur Pleasure Driving – Top 5; Sun Circuit Champions Amateur and NA Pleasure Driving and Amateur Hunter Hack, Reserve Champion Sr. Pleasure Driving; Silver Dollar Circuit Champions Sr. Pleasure Driving and Reserve Amateur Pleasure Driving

• SPEAKING SOFTLY, P: 366, NSBA: $1,569, 2008 4th World Show Youth Hunter Hack & Working Hunter; 2012 5th World Show Amateur Equitation Over Fences; 2013 Open Superior Working Hunter; 10th AQHA Hi Point Youth Working Hunter 2015: Youth Superior Working Hunter

Dam: Taking Invitations 3713872 – 1998 – Bay Mare

Dam Of:  Foals: 11, Performers: 7, Point Earners: 5; Halter: 4, Performance: 234.5, Performance ROMS: 4; LTE:$19,541, Money Earners: 6; Average Earnings: $3,257

Selected Offspring and Awards

• DGS Indymagination, (Indian Artifacts), H: 1, P: 4.5 NSBA: $407; 2009 3rd NSBA World Show Open Hunter Under Saddle Longe Line

• DGS Farohs Artifacts, (Indian Artifacts), P: 6.5, Nov/Youth: 10

• DGS Indyniable, (Indian Artifacts), H: 1, LTE: $47

• DGS INDYSTINCTIVE, (Indian Artifacts), LTE: $1,147;P: 63.5, Open & Youth Performance ROMS; 2013: A Little Futurity NSBA 2500 Lmt. Open HUS Maturity Champion; NSBA World Champion A/A Nov/Non-Pro HUS Stakes; 6th NSBA World Show Open Green Hunter Under Saddle

• Indytermined, (Indian Artifacts), H: 1.5, P: 154; LTE:$1,047, Open & Amateur Performance ROMS: 2011: 3rd AQHA Hi Pt. Jr. Hunter Hack & Green Working Hunter; 6th AQHA Hi Point Open Green Working Hunter; 2012 Redbud Spect. Circuit Hi Point Jr. Working Hunter; 2013 9th Congress AQHA Amateur Equitation Over Fences

• To Hot To Invite, (Hot Impulse), 2003 AZ QHA Stl. BDRS’ Open LL Futurity Champion