Pleasure, Hunt Seat & Halter Broodmare Magic Crosses

(Sometimes referred to as nicking reports)

Will the statistics on daughters of top pleasure and hunt seat stallions reveal if certain crosses have been more successful than others? You be the judge.

Each analysis will look at which crosses resulted in the most offspring earnings. Data was purchased from Robin Glenn Pedigrees ( to compile this study. I hope the reader will find it helpful to look at what has happened in the past, but it is no guarantee that the same results will occur in the future. Additional crosses will most likely emerge over time. The following is based upon 2017 data.

WHAT STALLIONS HAVE CROSSED BEST ON DAUGHTER OF: (Click the names below to find out.)

A GOOD MACHINE (Zippos Mr Good Bar x War Kelpie x War Machine)
ARTFUL MOVE (Wind Chime(TB) x Buzz Fly)
A SUDDEN IMPULSE (Impulsions x Zips Illusion x Zippo Pine Bar)
BLAZING HOT (Hotrodders Jet Set x Tahnee Zippo x Zippo Pine Bar)
CERTAIN POTENTIAL (Potential Investment x Miss Surely Bars)
DONT SKIP CHARLIE (Starrific x Step On Out)
DONT SKIP ZIP (Zippo Pine Bar x She Shes A Ten x Saved The Day)
DYNAMIC DELUXE (Sonny Deluxe x Boston Sonora)                                                                                                      FLASHY ZIPPER (Zippo PIne Bar  x Leo Buds Pride)
GOOD VERSION (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Winnie The Tiger x Tiger Leo)
HOTRODDERS JET SET (Docs Hotrodder x Miss Clique x Majors Jet)
IMPULSIONS (The Invester x Randados Rosa x Cal Bar)
INVESTMENT ASSET (The Big Investment x Miss Rebel Rita x Top Rebel)
INVITATION ONLY (Barpassers Image x Bears Raisin Kane x Mr Kane Raiser)
IRON REBEL (Rebel Cause x Iron Bars)

LAST DETAIL (Jetaway Easy x Lilly La Belle x Lady Bugs Moon)
ONE HOT KRYMSUN (Invitation Only x Krymsun Jet Set)

POTENTIAL INVESTMENT (Principle Investment x Hot Little Treasure x Hotrodders Jet Set)
PRINCIPLE INVESTMENT (The Big Investment x Tiger Leo)
RADICAL RODDER (Hotrodders Jet Set x Flashy Bar Flower x Bar Flower)
SCOTCH BAR TIME (Sonny Dee Bar x Chubby Time)
SKYS BLUE BOY(Sky Blue Walker x Millie’s Dancer (TB) x Marshua’s Dancer (TB)
THE BIG INVESTMENT (The Invester x The Country Girl)
THE INVESTER (Zippo Pat Bars x Hanks Peppy Lou x Dinky Reed)
THE PROMOTER (The Invester x Easy Cash)
ZIPPO JACK BAR (Zippo Pine Bar x Fair Eyed Jackie x Two Eyed Jack)
ZIPPO PINE BAR (Zippo Pat Bars x Dollie Pine x Poco Pine)
ZIPPOS MR GOODBAR (Zippo Pine Bar x Tamara Wess x Blondy’s Dude)
ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP (Zippo Pine Bar x Fancy Blue Chip x Custus Jaguar)
ZIPPOS OLD GOLD (Zippo Pine Bar x Two Eyed Jack)
ZIPPOS SENSATION (P) (Zippo Pine Bar x Satin N Lace x Poco Fisty Bars)