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Socially Accepted – How Social Media Influences Stallion Choices in 2019

By Barbara Aitken Jenkins A generation ago, advertising stallions relied on quality print advertising in the industry’s leading magazines, farm visits from potential clients, flyers, and positive word of mouth. In present days, one technological advance has changed the face of modern day stallion advertising–social media. In the days of “instant gratification” comes a world […]

Stud Fee Breakdown

by Barbara Aitkin Jenkins Flipping through magazines or scrolling social media, we see countless stallion advertisements featuring beautiful photos of stallions, highlighting their show pen accomplishments, lifetime earnings and most importantly, a glaring number that stands out — their stud fee. What exactly are mare owners paying for when it comes to dishing out hundreds […]

Why Him?

How to choose the best stallion for your mare by Barbara Aitken Jenkins Choosing the right stallion for the right reasons can be a daunting task. Do you breed for bloodlines, color, or conformation? What is more important? How do you know you have made the right choice? There are so many questions that mare […]

Why Stand a Stallion?

By Barbara Aitkin Jenkins Before the victory laps, the show pens, and the training barns, a horse’s life starts in the hands of special people who use their skills, expertise, and passion for the industry to help facilitate the creation of the next generation of show horses. Stallion managers work alongside stallion and mare owners […]

Yearlings Got School?

Professionals Share Tips on How to Prepare Yearlings for Sale and Show. by Barbara Aiken Jenkins Photos by Debbi Trubee of North Farm If you consider yourself a part of the horse industry at any level, most likely your social media feeds were flooded this spring with new “baby” pictures of foals underneath captions like, […]

The Complete Package

Equine Omega Complete Goes Beyond the Average Supplement It’s no secret that nutrition plays a vital role in not only the health of breeding horses, but also in the growth and development of foals during, and after, gestation.  Never before have we had the knowledge and experience in breeding nutrition and health that we do […]

The Name Game

What goes into crafting the perfect name? Some people find it fun and others find it tedious.  However you see it, naming a new foal is something most people don’t take lightly.  Not only does it stay with a horse their entire lives, but a catchy name can be memorable when called out in the […]